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4G Dongle Kit for Matrice 350 RTK
4G Dongle Kit for Matrice 350 RTK
4G Dongle Kit for Matrice 350 RTK
4G Dongle Kit for Matrice 350 RTK
4G Dongle Kit for Matrice 350 RTK

4G Dongle Kit for Matrice 350 RTK

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This kit provides DJI Cellular modules and supporting structural components, allowing aircraft to connect to 4G networks. When used in conjunction with networked remote controls, 4G enhanced image transmission can be achieved. This function can balance the quality of O3 image transmission and 4G traffic consumption, intelligently selecting the optimal link between 4G network links and O3 image transmission links. When the O3 image transmission link is disconnected, the 4G link can still work independently, helping the Matrice 350 RTK easily cope with signal occlusion situations and making flight safer.

Kind reminder

1. The kit includes Cloud Rabbit cards (IoT network cards), and DJI may adjust the scope of use at any time in accordance with IoT network card laws and regulations. For a better enhanced image transmission experience, please choose a suitable Nano SIM phone card (Renlian Network Card) based on the local operator's network coverage.

2.When using enhanced image transmission, please operate the drone near the full range of 4G signals on the remote control or mobile phone. Due to the implementation of enhanced image transmission through 4G networks, there may be some delay and lag. Please fly with caution.

3. DJI may terminate the enhanced image transmission service at any time in accordance with local laws and regulations. The termination of the enhanced image transmission service does not affect other networking functions of the Cellular module.

Packaging List

Supporting structural components × one
DJI Cellular Module × one
Install screws × six
DJI Cellular Module Network Access Permit Sticker × one
Cloud Rabbit Card (IoT Network Card) × one
(The DJI Cellular module, Cloud Rabbit card (IoT network card), and supporting structural components have been pre installed and two screws have been locked.)

Adapted products

Matrice 350 RTK
M300 RTK (used with DJI RC Plus remote control)